At Kirkbride Primary School we promote SMSC development by providing positive experiences through planned and considered opportunities in the curriculum and through interactions with teachers, visitors and the local community. 

These include:

  • visits to museums
  • meeting with authors and other visitors to the community and school
  • trips and visits
  • sports day
  • assembly themes and values with daily collective worship
  • school productions
  • links with the local church ST. Brides and Parish Council 
  • Pupil peer mentoring
  • Broad and rich curriculum topics which celebrate diversity and British Values
  • Themed curriculum days, including NSPCC Number Day, Children in Need, Sport Relief.

Our curriculum ensures that all children explore, investigate and experience a wide range of opportunities, including teaching in R.E and citizenship, Health and Relationship Education, and a wide range of extra-curricular and out of school activities. These ensure that children understand their place in our multicultural modern society through each of the key strands.



  • Explore values and beliefs including religious beliefs and the way they impact on people's lives
  • To understand feelings and emotions, in particular the way they impact on others and how understanding them can be helpful in our society.
  • Understanding of key events and festivals in the annual calendar including, Harvest, Diwali, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid, Easter and Ramadan.


  • Our behaviour policy is based on our key values and vision including equality, respect, understanding and knowing how to do the right thing. Our system of rewards underpins this and supports the children in making appropriate and informed choices.
  • Opportunities in our curriculum enable children to explore moral concepts and values through inspiring people for example, Shackelton, Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough.
  • Developing the skills, personal qualities and knowledge of others necessary for living and working together.


  • Supporting children to work effectively together, understand different needs and to make a contribution to the school and wider community. Recently our children campaigned to save a local bus route to our village and they were invited to Decarbon8 Conference in Carlisle to speak to experts about this, with CEDC global education.
  • Our Children were winners in 2022 at the Bright Stars Enterprise Initiative with the Best example of Leadership, for their community garden and shop to sell fruit and vegetables. The money raised was donated to local charity Chrysalis Care, for their work with elderly and vulnerable members of our cimmunity.
  • Awareness of charities, their work, how to help others in our locality and further afield. Raising money for Children in Need, CFM Cash For Kids, Prostate Cancer UK, MacMillan and collecting for Carlisle Food Bank.


  • Residentials and trips to cities, varied locations in contrast to our own and experiences beyond our children’s doorstep, ensure they have a sense of their place in the world and the Multicultural Britain they live in.
  • Encouraging a response to a variety of cultural activities for example, when Imran, an Iman from Bolton, visited us to share his daily life as a Muslim.
  • Learning about other countries, their features, customs, beliefs and societies.
  • Encourage children to explore their beliefs and opinions through understanding and knowledge of a wide range of beliefs.