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Welcome to Kirkbride Primary School. We are a rural primary school (3-11yrs) situated in the beautiful village of Kirkbride, between Carlisle and Wigton. The school is the central feature of the village and serves the wider communities.

Our staff and Governors are committed to ensuring we get to know each child as an individual; this process starts before your child’s first day, and is the beginning of a relationship that will build and grow as your child does in our care. We will work closely with you as parents during this time to ensure that your child’s learning journey is a successful and fulfilling one.


Kirkbride Primary School is an inclusive school. We strive to achieve the highest standards for each and every child regardless of their starting points. Whatever your child’s individual circumstances, we aim to tailor a curriculum to meet their needs; one which facilitates enjoyment in learning and with equal opportunities for all.


The Kirkbride Primary School staff are approachable, dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable. They strive for the very best for your child in every aspect of school life. Your child will be challenged and supported to achieve across the full breadth of our exciting, engaging curriculum. The children are provided with a range of opportunities to broaden their horizons.


We also place great emphasis on nurturing our pupils’ growth as responsible citizens. Respect, tolerance, honesty, kindness and positive behaviour are expected at all times. We ensure all pupils play an active, positive part in their communities. We ensure all are listened to, all are valued, and through ongoing encouragement and celebrating individual successes, we develop pupils’ self-esteem, confidence and independence.


The whole community of Kirkbride is extremely active in our school life. We actively encourage good links between parents and the school, plus we play an important part in supporting other community groups through community lunches and craft clubs for the elderly. The school raises money for local, national and inter-national charities. One of main assets of the school is the hard-working, dedicated Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) who raise large amounts of money to benefit the children.


Kirkbride Primary School has the advantage of being set in beautiful grounds with a wonderful playing field, nature area, outdoor classrooms and playgrounds for children to enjoy during break times and their PE lessons. We take great pride in our learning environment and use it as a tool for inspiring learning as well as celebrating achievement.


We look forward to welcoming you into our successful school.

Mrs Dawn. A. Maxwell

Head Teacher


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