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Welcome to Oak Class - Year 5 & 6


Oak Class is taught by Mrs Minns

Autumn 2020
Oak Class produced some amazing project at home this half term; Mrs Maxwell chose the winners and presented them with a special 50p coin from the Royal Mint!
We had a really big surprise when Santa and his Elf made a special visit.  Santa read out his 'good' list and he left us presents, we found them in a special sack in our classroom! 
What a wonderful Festive time in school....class parties, a Polar Express Day, PTA Activity Afternoon, outdoor Carol singing and a Christmas jumper day! Wow!
Christmas lunch is always a highlight of the year - yummy food, pulling crackers, wearing party hats and listening to festive music. Merry Christmas everyone!
The class enjoyed a day making Christmas Wreaths with professional florist, Klare Hodgson.  They learned lots of new skills and were proud to take home their finished product. They even went on to sell some to community members!  
In science this term Oak class have been learning all about the body, digestive system and in particular the heart.  They enjoyed a science lesson where they investigated how exercise affects the body?  This took careful measuring, team work and lots of timed exercises!  They took their own pulses to see what happened after exercise. Phew!
Oak class created their own models as part of their art project 'bodies', in the style of Albert Giacometti.

On Tuesday 10th November Oak Class walked to St. Bride's Church and laid their Poppy pebbles at the Village War Memorial.  This was part of a nationwide campaign called 'Past and Present Poppy Pebbles Project' with the Novaproject. Then on Wednesday 11th November, Oak Class read their poems at a special outdoor Remembrance Service with the whole school.

"We will remember them"

Oak Class enjoyed their second visit to Stockswood Forest School this term. In their active games session they learnt about the heart pumping oxygenated blood around the body. They progressed from tiny fires to constructing and managing 'fist-sizes' fires and toasting marshmallows.  They also learnt about the gestation period for some woodland animals and made a 3D map of part of the woodland. In the afternoon they enjoyed flowtime - a great opportunity for the children to develop their well-being!

Oak Class have enjoyed improving their drawing and sketching skills.

They also produced some excellent WW1 projects at home.  Then ended the half-term with a celebration and made some cup cakes! 

In science the children have been learning all about electricity.

An early Year 6 Leavers' Photograph March 2020

Spring Term 2020

Oak Class have been time travelling this term, learning more about pre-history. They visited Tullie House to learn about the stone, iron and bronze ages. They compared artefacts from the time and have learned more about what historical sources tell us about how stone age people lived as ‘Hunter Gatherers’ and then developed to become farmers. This has inspired them writing time travel stories with effective setting descriptions. 

Long Multiplication

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Short Division

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Long Division

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Adding and Subtracting Fractions

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Adding and subtracting mixed number fractions

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multiplying Fractions by fractions

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Multiplying Fractions by a whole number

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Dividing Fractions by whole numbers

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Dividing Fractions by fractions

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Finding a fraction of an amount

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Autumn term 2019

Oak Class (Year 5 and 6) had an amazing day out to Chester Zoo! They took part in a workshop with the zookeepers to learn about how animals are adapted to survive in their specific habitats, getting hands on with real skeletons, bones, furs and skins! They saw lot of rare creatures up close with the jaguars, orang-utans and penguins being real highlights. It was a long bus ride home, but we broke this up with a lovely supper at Tebay Services. This visit has inspired the children to research their favourite animals and write their own information texts about these to create a ‘Zoo Keeper’s Guide’.

As part of their learning in Remembrance week, the children watched the ‘Christmas Truce’ Sainsbury’s advert, choosing their own writing genre to respond to the events. They learned about emotive language and edited their writing to create a second ‘better’ draft on the computers. They studied the work of the artist Georgia O’Keeffe and created their own poppy painting in her style, focussing on colour mixing and blending to create light and shade.

They were shocked to discover the negative effects of deforestation upon the world’s rainforest. This has encouraged them to plan ways in which we can make a difference- through paper recycling and choosing beauty products that are palm oil free. They have taken a pledge to support their families and our school community with this change.

Remembrance Day 2019

Chester Zoo 2019

Glasgow Science Museum

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