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Medication in school

Medicines in school


For reasons of safety, in line with modern national policy, schools are cautioned against administering any drugs or medicines to pupils in their care. Where possible, parents are asked to consult with their Doctor on adjustment of administration timings to avoid the school day.


  • If school time administration is unavoidable, prescription medicines only can be given in school. However please be aware that this is a voluntary agreement and the school and its teachers are not obligated to carry this out.


  • Medicines must be kept in their original pharmaceutical container and should be clearly marked with the recipient’s name, date of prescription, contents and dosage and handed into the School Office.


  • Prior to administration commencing, parents/carers must sign a consent form to enable a member of staff to supervise administration. This form is available upon request from the School Office.


  • School staff are unable to administer ‘over the counter’ bought medication.


  • We ask that parents do not ask children to self-administer any medication themselves and keep their medication in their bag without staff knowing e.g.  creams for skin complaints, paracetamol, antihistamines etc.


  • The school should be informed of any health factors, such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy of any long term medical needs that affect a child so that we are able to write a ‘Health Care Plan’ to manage the child’s needs in conjunction with Health Care Professionals
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