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CCTV at Kirkbride Primary School

The CCTV system comprises of 4 fixed cameras without sound recordings located around the site externally and  internally which function 24 hours a day throughout the year for the purposes of:

  • protecting the buildings, assets and personal property on site;
  • enhancing the personal safety of staff, students and members of the public such as visitors;
  • reducing the fear and potential incidence of crime including theft and vandalism;
  • reducing the fear and potential incidence of anti-social and harmful behaviours like bullying or hate crimes;
  • supporting the Police in order to deter and detect crime;
  • assisting in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders; and
  • ensuring that site rules are respected so that the school can be properly managed.
A warm welcome to Kirkbride Primary School, a happy, caring, small rural school near Wigton, Cumbria.