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Welcome to Acorn Class.

Acorn Class is taught by Miss L. Carter

Autumn term 2019

‘Colours’ has been the learning theme of Acorn Class (Nursery and Reception) this term. They have focussed on a different colour each week and enjoyed bringing items from home to talk about and share on their ‘colour table’. They have made different coloured batches of play dough each week with Miss Carter, so their creations match their theme of the week. They have even themed their ‘special Friday snacks’ to match with red jelly for red week and a firework themed snack in preparation for Bonfire Night. This inspired some lovely firework pictures and fun games in the outdoor area.

The children used printing materials to create their own poppy images for Remembrance and could talk about what the poppy symbol reminds of us- soldiers and animals who are fighting to protect us. The children have learned their first story off by heart, with actions ‘The Little Red Hen’ and have enjoyed making up their own creatures to take part in the story rather than the hen and other farm animals. They logged onto the computers, using a drawing programme to create their own picture of the little red hen and printed it out.

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